Diabetic Support 2 Week Starter Program

At the Heatlhty Vegan Bakery we believe that proper Diet is the Key to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Our special stone ground kamut bread actually has the potential to lower blood sugar levels.  Our proprietary preparation process ensures optimal nutrients, fiber, and enzymes in every loaf.  We also have high quality herbs and supplements from Japan and Portugal that enhance the effectiveness of the program.

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How Can You Lower Blood Sugar Levels By Eating Bread?​

Our bread is made with organic kamut flour that we STONE GRIND FRESH daily for optimal nutritional benefits.  Consuming stone ground bread prevents blood sugar spikes.  Why? Because stone grinding ensures that the fiber, enzymes, and wheat germ remain intact.  Additionally, we bake within 3 hours after grinding, for ultimate vitamin potency.  And Studies have shown that kamut grain helps lower blood sugar.  To learn more about the benefits of our special bread please click here.

Our Friendly Kamut Bread​

Our Diabetic Friendly Kamut Breads are made with 100% wholegrain organic kamut flour. This bread is SUGAR FREE, oil free, vegan, with absolutely no refined flour.  No bromides or artificial dough risers are added to the flour.

Diabetic Friendly Cakes and Cookies​

Our vegan desserts are made with Organic Kamut that we stone grind daily for optimal nutritional & fiber content. OUR DESSERTS ARE SUGAR FREE, DAIRY FREE CORN FREE, EGG FREE, SOY FREE, NO TRANS FATS. No xanthan gum, guar gum, or any added gums. No canola oil.