GMOs May Be Endangering Our Health

If you think that Genetic Modification is about mixing seeds together to make new seeds, you are terribly mistaken. GMO is much worse than you ever imagined. The question is, how are GMO foods made? And how do they affect us? Genetic modification is all about changing the genetic structure of food. In labs, scientists change the genetic structure of food by adding genes and/or knocking out genes. In labs and factories, there are different methods of adding or extracting genes. One method is through a machine called the gene gun. In order to "knock out" a gene in the plant seed, the gene gun sends high powered radiation against it's target gene until they are destroyed. This is the most common method used for genetically modified wheat and maize.


Another common method of genetic modification is through agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated gene transformation. Agrobacteria is a plant parasite. Scientists breed these parasites to infect their hosts with something called T-DNA. T-DNA forms miniature tumors in the seed genome which scientists replace with whatever genes they please. I don't know about about the rest of you, but to me, purposely breeding parasites in seeds does not sound appetizing or healthy. This method works especially well for potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco. These parasites alter the entire genetic structure of the seed. Maintaining the genetic structure of our seeds is critical. If they are altered, the seeds will no longer contain enzymes and nutrients beneficial to our health. Additionally, consuming parasite infected foods can have untold health dangers. If you think you don't have parasites, think again. In fact, nearly everyone on a high-sugar/GMO diet will have high levels of parasites in their bodies. GM foods are nutritionally empty foods which will not nourish our bodies appropriately. And thus, will contribute to most of the diseases and illnesses of today. Such as Crohn's Disease, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis, Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia.


Pest-resistant genetically modified crops for rice, corn, tobacco and other crops, are pest-resistant because their seeds are encoded with a bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis, also known as Bt. Bt. can be found in caterpillars before they turn into butterflies. Bt. eats the skin of the caterpillars, which allows their wings to come out. This happens because Bt. creates a pore-forming toxin called delta endotoxin. Then, this toxin creates other toxins called cry toxins. Cry toxins are extremely harmful and kill almost any kind of bug. Farmers use these pest-resistant GM seeds because not only will the Bt. keep bugs away, but it will get rid of any infestation which they have in their fields. These Bt. seeds and their toxins are extremley dangerous and toxic to people as well.


A study was conducted in Egypt by two scientists, Ebtsam Okasha and Marwa Ibrahim M.D. on pest-resistant GM corn. They divided male albino rats into two groups. Group A's diet consisted of 30% GM corn. 30% of group B's diet consisted of non-GM corn. After only ninety days, the rats in group A who received the GM corn suffered from severe intestinal, liver, heart, kidney and hormonal damage. Group B remained healthy. Another study was done on a group of rats who were fed GM corn with traces of Roundup pesticide. The results were that the rats had HUGE cancer tumors, severe liver and kidney damage and 70% of the female rats died prematurely. 50% of the male rats also died prematurely. A third study was done on two groups of pigs. One group was fed GM food, and the other group was fed non-GM food. The results were that the stomachs of the pigs fed GMO turned to mush and their stomach lining were severely damaged, whereas the other group remained normal. Rats and pigs have very strong digestive systems. They can eat through things which no people can eat through. If these animals got that sick from GM food, it's scary to think what happens to humans on GM food. 65-70% of processed foods contain GMO. The processed food often contains corn in the form of high fructose corn syrup (which can be labeled as fructose), corn syrup and corn starch (which can be found in bioplastic products), GM soy, and other kinds of GMO products. 94% of corn in the world is GM and 93% of soy in the world is GMO. Since Bt. infected GM corn and soy is added to almost all processed foods, it explains why so many people have IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease, and Cancer.


Rice that has been engineered with human genes is on its way to being sold commercially. In Junction City, Kansas, this human gene-tainted rice is being grown on 3,200 acres by the biotechnology company Ventria Bioscience. This newer form of GMO, is both morally concerning and is fraught with health risks.


Farm Raised Fish are of special concern because they are infected with a live virus to cause genetic modification. Cancer in chickens is often caused by a virus called the rous. sarcoma virus. This chicken virus is used as a carrier to implant a growth hormone gene into farm raised fish to make them grow faster. Once the virus infects the fish it can be transfered to us when we eat these fish. The use of virus and parasites to genetically modify foods is just plain dangerous and can have untold health consequences. I personally know people who have developed all sorts of tumors from consuming farm raised fish. (Wild fish is also a problem nowadays because of the high mercury levels in our oceans.


Apparently chicken are not exempt from genetic modification. Leukemia virus in chicken has been used as a carrier to insert human genes into developing poultry. I am unsure if this is still in the testing phase or if this process is being carried out a big scale.


Brazil Nut genes are injected into GM soy. Brazil nuts can cause life threatening anaphylaxis shock (difficulty breathing). This has caused many people to suffer from life threatening allergic reactions to soy as well. Monsanto has been ordered to remove the brazil nut gene from GM soy due to severe complications from the ingestion of GMO soy.

THE TRUTH ABOUT GM WHEAT There is a popular European GM wheat called 'renan wheat.' It was invented by Dyck and Samborsky in 1970 and started being sold worldwide since 1989. It was created in France. It is commercially sold and in Europe, it is even labeled as "organic" since people do not consider this wheat "GMO", even though it has many transgenic genes. This renan wheat contains more transgenic genes than common GM foods. Thankfully, in the U.S.A., renan wheat is not labeled organic. However, the mix up of GMO and non-GMO seeds still poses a major problem. Ancient grains such as einkorn, emmer, kamut and spelt have not been genetically modified as of yet. These grains remain the safest grains to consume. At Joseph's Organic Bakery, we use only organic non-GMO grains in all of our breads and baked goods. We only use spelt and kamut breads, pizzas and even cookies. We grind our grains in-house using stone grinders, which preserves the molecular structure of the grains. If you want to start on a non-GMO journey, make our bakery your destination.

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