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"Great Products!!! Lost 11 pounds in 5 days! They definitely know what they are talking about!” 

Amnon Dabakaroff

“Amazing! I’ve lost 33 pounds since I started eating the bread and drinking the tea!"   

UPDATE 04/20/18
I stopped eating the bread for a few months and almost gained back all the weight I lost when i was eating their bread. Now I'm back on the diet and already lost ten pounds. they really make dieting easier.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Avi Yasgur


“The bread is unbelievable. I’ve already lost 25 pounds!"

Michael H.

“I lost 12 pounds and my blood sugar dropped from 204 to 96 in just 2 weeks!”

Collette Johnson 

"I have digestive issues. Indigestion. the runs anytime I ate many foods. The whole wheat was worse than the regular breads. Since I started Josephs bread especially the Kamut ancient grain, I have have regular digestion. No runs no constipation. Sugar levels have stabilized. More energy.less cravings. 1/2 loaf per meal I usually eat. Caring and knowledgeable staff. Feels like I am eating REAL Food"

Shaya Sasmt

"I had severe psoriasis on my hand. I also had digestive issues (chronic constipation, stomach pain). I started eating the bread from Joseph's Organic Bakery. Within a month, my psoriasis was gone! At first, I had hesitated to try the bread, I was afraid it would make my digestive problems worse (being that I am generally allergic to wheat), but, the opposite was true. I absolutely love this bread!  When my friends saw my hand, they got so excited I sent them over to the bakery too."

Adam Kadosh


"Wow! At a loss for words here. After spending OVER A YEAR with stomach pains from acid reflux, after less than a week switching... to Joseph's bread and a special herbal tea... I have found my acid reflux issues have all but disappeared.  I haven't had to switch back to my medicine ever since, and I doubt I ever will God-willing!"

Simcha Edelman

"The best of the best. The breads are delicious & the fresh vegetable vegan pizza a real treat. It all tastes good but even more importantly, it makes me FEEL good. Full of energy & increased MENTAL CLARITY. "Let food be your medicine"... especially when it's so tasty too! And did I mention that this bread cured me of gluten intolerance? This is the real deal and worth driving for!"

Daniel Goodman

"I've suffered from bad health for the past 25 years.  Digestive problems have been a constant issue.  Years ago I had a colostomy bag.  Since then, I suffered from terrible bloating and constipation that leaves me unable to function.  Every so often, I had to get fluid pumped out of my stomach to relieve the swelling.  The worst was the constipation and the fact that I couldn't digest food properly.  A few months ago I tried a loaf of bread from Joseph's Organic Bakery.  I couldn't believe it- no bad reaction, no pain, no bloating!  Every week I come back to the bakery for the bread and the digestive tea.  I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from constipation, and my digestion is so much better.  Still now I can't believe that I can actually eat bread again.  The difference in my health is astounding!"

Moshe Broitman

"Super high-quality ingredients make this the perfect bread to lose weight and enjoy eating. These breads are so enjoyable to bite into rendering a very satisfying eating experience. I highly recommend trying the products and learning about their unique baking process. Now I can enjoy eating bread !

Richard Weiner


I lost 6 pounds in just 4 days since I started eating the bread from Joseph's! I am seventy years old, I walk with a cane, and have struggled with my weight for years. Within a week of eating the bread I was walking without my cane. My energy levels are just so much better. Thanks.

Fiona G.

"I was on a horrible junk food diet. Pizza, potato chips, white bread, burgers, fried corn chips, the works.  I was young and refused to go on a healthy diet.  My mom used to beg me to eat vegetables to no avail.  Then I began the downward spiral. Stomach pain, throwing up. I was literally throwing up everything, even healthy food.  What happened?  One Shabbat (Sabbath) I was hungry so I snuck in a few bites of fluffy white challah (I learned later that most commercial challah and breads are full of dough risers and chemicals). That's when the nightmare began.  My lungs literally sunk into my chest. I couldn't breath.  I wound up in the emergency room.  For a week I couldn't even drink water. After Anything I ate Either I threw up or wound up in the bathroom for hours.  Every single part of my body was in pain.   That's when I started to eat only healthy food, bone broth soup, kefir, probiotics. I was careful to eat in small amounts, only the absolute healthiest food possible. But I was hungry all the time, and still suffered from bouts of bad stomach and joint pain.  Then my family discovered stone ground bread at Joseph's Organic Bakery.  Thank G-d I am able to eat bread again with no pain, no bloating! In fact after going on a healthy diet I grew in height. My health slowly improved. Today I am totally pain free.  I eat stone ground bread daily, watch my diet, and exercise every day.  The ability to eat bread again means I can actually feel full without compromising my health. Its a great feeling.

Eli M.